Planet 13’s LA cannabis store to be a virtual playground for visitors

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The new mega-dispensary in California will offer much more than just cannabis products

Just imagine a giant playground and amusement park located inside the world’s largest cannabis dispensary. Now imagine that same place on steroids and you might start getting the idea of what Planet 13 is all about. It is known as the Orange County Cannabis SuperStore Entertainment Complex and is located in Santa Ana, California. The project is one of further expansion by the Planet 13, which already has a similar facility, if somewhat smaller, operation in Las Vegas near the famous ‘strip’ of casinos and hotels.

While the Santa Ana store is not scheduled to open for business until around July 2021, anticipation and expectations are growing day by day for what will quickly become a tourist attraction as well as being a really big cannabis dispensary. According to the CEO of Planet 13, the new facility should be known as Planet 13 2.0 due, in part, to its massive digital screen displays and unique tech-art installations.

The dispensary itself is huge, taking up 16,500 square feet, but it is located in a 55,000-square-foot facility. That makes it the largest marijuana playground in the world, with space reserved for ancillary stores and accompanying businesses. For example, the Planet 13 in Las Vegas houses its very own Mexican Restaurant called Trece Eatery and Spirits.

The Las Vegas Planet 13 has been such a hit that there was almost always a line waiting to get in, even during the coronavirus crisis. As an indicator of Planet 13’s financial prospects, the number of cash registers provides a clue. The Las Vegas store opened with 45 cash registers in the dispensary section and now has upped that number to 90.