Planet 13, Trulieve are cannabis stocks worth some attention

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The two cannabis companies continue to see improvement that makes them good targets for investors

The cannabis industry continues to take the world by storm as drug manufacturers seek to appeal to customers with new recreational cannabis medicines. Planet 13 is following the current cannabis wave and has done very well during the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across international borders this year. Planet 13 has tripled in value since March of 2020.

It looks like the stock continues to surge slowly due to the new interest in the cannabis industry by investors. Available for less than $4, these stocks are an easy decision to make if you are looking to at cannabis stocks to your portfolio.

Trulieve Cannabis is another option if you’re looking to expand into the cannabis industry. Trulieve Cannabis Florida gained popularity with the pioneer investors of the cannabis stocks. Since they were one of the first companies to show initiative in manufacturing cannabis products, Trulieve has set itself up to reap the rewards as more and more people are purchasing cannabis products, and investors are able to see those dividends.

Planet 13 and Trulieve should continue to offer investors a great return as current customers drive the price up and new markets around the world will bring new customers as the cannabis industry adds more legal businesses. A lot of movement is expected in the cannabis industry in the coming years, and the growth potential seems unlimited, so if you are looking for stocks with a tremendous possibility for continued growth, look no further than Planet 13 and Trulieve Cannabis.