Philadelphia just held a program that could help the entire cannabis industry

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The city is expunging marijuana records and expanding diversity in the cannabis space

Philadelphia is seeing the marijuana industry advance by leaps and bounds after implementing a social equity program and event. Senators Sharif Street and Corey Booker headline panels at this event on policy and expungement.

“We are proud to have partnered with the Cannabis Opportunity Conference and be in a unique position to share the stories and ongoing effort to ensure cannabis equity for diverse communities,” the lawmakers said. Leading legal cannabis and psychedelic podcast network, sponsored the 5th Annual Cannabis Opportunities Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The event, which took place September 23-24, featured a host of positive findings surrounding the cannabis industry. Hundreds of participants were able to turn their lives in a positive way by obtaining a medical marijuana card, getting a job, expunging their records or simply gaining a general knowledge of the law.

Pennsylvania is certainly heading in a direction that many other jurisdictions across the country should be paying attention to, especially after seeing how it continues to pave the way for a cannabis-friendly society. More than 100 people saw benefits in their lives, with half getting a card to access medical cannabis and the other half having a criminal record expunged from their record.

In addition, 112 people were able to find new cannabis-related jobs thanks to the job fair that took place over the two days. “We are proud to have partnered with the Cannabis Opportunities Conference, and that we are in a position to share the wonderful stories and continued nationwide effort to ensure cannabis equity for diverse communities,” stated Brandy Shapiro-Babin, President,