Pete Sessions blocks marijuana bill as he heads out the door

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The Congressman takes another dig at marijuana before being forced out of office

Long-time marijuana opponent and Congressman Pete Sessions isn’t going down without a fight. He may only have a few weeks left on Capitol Hill after losing his reelection bid, but he continues to do everything he can to prevent marijuana from becoming legalized. The Texas representative has axed an amendment that would have ensured tax fairness for businesses operating in the legal cannabis space.

Sessions, who is the chairman of the House Rules Committee, shot down a bill submitted by Colorado Representative Jared Polis – set to leave office to become Colorado’s governor – that would have allowed businesses to take certain tax deductions. A tax provision known as 280E, which was originally created to prevent drug cartels from writing off expensive purchases, has unwittingly caught legal marijuana businesses and forces them to pay tax rates that reach as high as 70%.

Sessions has blocked over three dozen marijuana-related proposals during his tenure. He has been so anti-marijuana that he singlehandedly prevented them from even being considered by House representatives, a stance that goes against the very grain of a democratic society.

Fortunately, Sessions won’t be able to wield his uncontested power for much longer. With the turn of the year will come a number of changes in Washington and marijuana proponents are positive that the industry will finally be able to see the advances it deserves. Replacing the man who loved to abuse his power will be Representative James McGovern, who has already stated that he will allow marijuana amendments to be considered.

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