Pennsylvania ready to act on new plan to pardon cannabis-related convictions

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Governor Tom Wolf is helping rewrite the book on cannabis laws in Pennsylvania

Several states appear to be starting September with some major marijuana-related moves, and Pennsylvania is not being left out. Kicking off the month, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman unveiled a plan that seeks to pardon Pennsylvanians with select minor, non-violent marijuana-related convictions.

The Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project is considered a new large-scale push that will accept applications online throughout this month, a press release from the governor’s office confirms. Having second chances is something many wish to have, especially when seeing how misdemeanors related to the plant have negatively changed their lives.

“I have repeatedly called on our Republican-led General Assembly to support the legalization of adult-use marijuana, but they’ve yet to meet this call for action from myself and Pennsylvanians,” Wolf said in a public statement. “Until they do, I am committed to doing everything in my power to support Pennsylvanians who have been adversely affected by a minor marijuana offense on their record.”

Wolf went on to clarify that this new initiative has all the potential to provide a new gateway for thousands of residents in the Keystone State. From the grandparent who has wanted to chaperone a field trip to the college graduate looking to start a career can now seek help knowing that the answer will not be no. The program hopes to be eligible for thousands of Pennsylvanians who have faced convictions over the past few decades.

Those who, due to additional convictions, cannot be part of the Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project can apply for a pardon through a standard application. Wolf has worked on the issue since his tenure began seven years ago, granting nearly 2,100 pardons, 326 of which were part of an expedited review for non-violent marijuana-related offenses.

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