Papa & Barkley Social in Eureka, CA, is a marijuana consumption lounge for everyone

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The popular cannabis spot is high on the list of options for area marijuana fans

Cannabis consumption lounges have become a trend lately. Several states with established recreational and/or medical marijuana laws have wanted to explore the benefits of these sites, providing a safe and friendly way to go to consume marijuana. Papa and Barkley is undoubtedly one of the most respected cannabis brands globally. Its arrival in Eureka, CA, has given the consumption lounges a whole new meaning.

Papa and Barkley Social, which shares building space with its flagship cannabis dispensary in Eureka, is a modern outdoor marijuana consumption lounge run by Humboldt Social. The normalization of cannabis and hospitality is the essential focus that Humboldt Social has sought to reflect in welcoming and unpretentious spaces.

As if a lounge wasn’t enough to enjoy an afternoon in the Golden State, the space also features the Social Spa. “To our knowledge, Papa and Barkley Social is the only cannabis consumption lounge in the US with its own day spa,” said owner Nicole Fryer.

The location that houses the entire complex used to be a K-Mart, while the consumption lounge occupies what was once the gardening department. While there is some notion that there used to be a K-Mart, upon entering the modern, sleek, and stylish interior, those notions immediately disappear. Accompanied by seating and couches surrounding the warm fire pits, the outdoor consumption room provides an unparalleled experience.

In addition, there is a central stage area ideal for special events such as comedy shows, music, and other live performances. Unless there is a special event, admission is free, and customers are not required to purchase their cannabis from the attached dispensary. Although any connoisseur of quality Papa’s and Barkley’s will know that it’s a mandatory stop before heading to the lounge.

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