Overwhelming number of people support cannabis reform policies

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The recent changes announced by POTUS are finding acceptance across the US

Attitudes and policies regarding marijuana use, both recreational and medical, are increasingly permissive. As time goes on, the plant is beginning to be seen in a different light, and this has led to more Americans supporting various reforms in favor of the industry in general. USA Today/Ipsos conducted a poll from October 7-9 that appears to be quite positive for President Joe Biden’s three-step cannabis reform plan. The results indicated that two-thirds of US adults over the age of 18 favor the actions announced at the White House.

During the first week of this month, Biden unveiled a three-step marijuana reform plan. His proposal calls for an overhaul of how cannabis is scheduled under the Controlled Substances List, seeks to pardon all federal offenses for simple cannabis possession, and urges all governors to follow the lead of this pardon in their respective jurisdictions. The White House has closely followed the comments the public has shared since then and this recent poll is a clear indication of the support it is receiving.

To conduct the survey, Ipsos interviewed 325 Democrats, 315 Independents, and 283 Republicans online in both Alaska and Hawaii. The results show the average percentage among the more than 920 respondents and individual percentages for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

When it comes to the total, nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents agreed that they favored changing the way marijuana is classified in the Schedule I List. Many believe that federal law should reconsider its position and that the plant should be removed completely from being a controlled substance. On the other hand, two-thirds (67%) of all respondents support pardoning all prior federal convictions for cannabis possession.

Roughly speaking, the poll has been quite clear. Findings indicate that “both Democrats and independents strongly support elements of Biden’s announcement, as well as the release of all people in state or federal prison serving time for cannabis possession, while most Republicans oppose it.”