Organigram has begun shipping its cannabis-infused chocolates

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The edibles CBD market is still poised to be a revolutionary consumer industry

A state-of-the-art automated production line has just finished its first shipment and is now ready to pack these chocolate truffles for the first time to retail stores this week. Close to 60,000 units of dark chocolate and milk chocolate truffles were produced by Organigram every eight hours to complete the first run. Edison Bytes is the brand of these new edible, and it represents the first edible product that Organigram will present to the market.

“[Chocolate is] what we’ve kind of committed to as our major play within the space,” said Ray Gracewood, Organigram’s SVP of Marketing and Communications. According to Gracewood, 40% of the edibles in the market in regulated states are chocolate-based. “We might modify that strategy or look at different product types as we go forward. But for now, our big bet is we think a new sophisticated cannabis consumer is going to really react well to chocolate as a base product.”

These truffles come in a one-pack or two-pack presentation. To be able to adapt it to federal regulations, the two-truffle pack each one will have only 5 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) each, as opposed to the single presentation with 10 mg.

Organigram’s plan is to continue creating a line of edibles. “Under our Edison brand, we aimed for a richer cacao profile offers instead of going to different flavors. For our Trailblazer brand, we’re looking into more of the hip, trendy flavors. We will launch Trailblazer mint-chocolate snacks and mocha-chocolate snacks,” said Ginette Ahier, Organigram edibles product manager and the founder of Shediac’s artisan chocolate company, Adorable Chocolat.” It seems to be the right time for Organigram, as Canada legalized cannabis edibles in October last year.