Organic-certified cannabis seeds are the latest to make a debut

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Consumers in California now have access to organic-certified cannabis seeds

More innovations around cannabis continue to emerge as time goes on. Many people have shown a great interest in cannabis-related products and it seems that Humboldt Seed Company, the largest legal seller of cannabis seeds in California, is very much aware of that. Because of this, the company has recently announced a partnership with Nymera, a company specializing in fresh frozen, uniquely flavored, extraction-ready whole flower, so that, for the first time in history, the world’s first certified organic feminized seed can be placed on the global markets.

As a result, growers will now have easy access to these time-tested heirloom genetics and new varieties. Nymera is an organic seed grower that has 86 acres of pristine organic farmland in Westwold, British Columbia, giving it the most important factor in producing great quality. These seeds will have a Pro-Cert certification, which is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This is of utmost importance for products of this category in Canada. “We are excited to share a part of Humboldt’s cannabis breeding legacy with the world,” says Ben Lind, CSO of Humboldt Seed Company.

Lind has dedicated a great deal of his time to be able to deliver results like these, and he has made it clear that his intention has always been to build on old genetics in order to create the strains of the future. Rick Gill, co-founder, and CEO of Nymera, has expressed his great joy in partnering with Humboldt Seed Company, as they share a common good of bringing genetics to cannabis growers in Canada and beyond.