Oklahoma voters make the call on adult-use marijuana in the state

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Oklahoma residents have spoken, and the outcome isn’t good for the marijuana industry

While a poll conducted a few days ago indicated that many Oklahomans agreed with the legalization of marijuana, a large-scale vote yesterday proved the results wrong. Voters in the state rejected the ballot initiative to welcome the market, sending efforts that have been underway since 2022 down the drain.

Polls were held yesterday to see what Oklahoma voters thought about legalizing the market, but the outcome was definitely not what many advocates thought it would be. History was made, as for most counties in the state, state question 820 was the only question placed on the ballot, which made voters put their full attention on the issue. This unique scenario in the history of the legalization movement may have been in legalization’s favor, but it turned out to be the opposite.

As is well known, proponents attempted to include this reform on the ballot approximately four months ago. Still, delays in the verification of signatures by officials meant that this had to be postponed. Time ran out and residents had a moment to think in more detail about what they really wanted.

Thanks to a special election called by Governor Kevin Stitt in October, the vote could be held yesterday. Still, the proposal that would have allowed adults 21 and older to buy and possess up to an ounce of cannabis has now passed into oblivion. While it is true that advocates promoted a campaign called “Yes on 820” last week detailing the costs of ongoing cannabis criminalization, residents appear to have remained unconvinced.