Oklahoma to implement moratorium on new medical marijuana licenses

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The state needs to get caught up on the paperwork it has on existing cannabis operators

New medical marijuana cultivation, processing and dispensary licenses have been given a nearly two-year moratorium by Oklahoma officials beginning August 26. The move comes as an effort to increase business compliance levels and catch up with work that has been piling up.

The Sooner State has been applauded by many as having one of the most operator-friendly medical cannabis programs in the US. As a result, thousands of licensed businesses have been generated. Still, regulators have run into several obstacles along the way when it comes to curbing illicit cannabis activity, not to mention making businesses comply with regulations set forth by the industry.

Initially, August 1 was to be the start date for the moratorium announced by The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). However, the entity later made it clear that it made a mistake in interpreting the effective date of House Bill 3208, the legislation that created the pause in licensing.

As a result, medical marijuana companies now have an extended period of time to apply for licenses before the moratorium takes effect. The announcement confirmed that the moratorium will not affect the current licenses and renewals of producers, processors, and dispensaries.

According to data shared by OMMA last month, Oklahoma had 7348 producers, 2286 dispensaries, and 1433 processors. August 1, 2024, would be the expiration date for the moratorium. However, the date could come sooner if the OMMA executive director determines that all pending licensing reviews, inspections, or investigations are complete.