Ohio’s medical marijuana market is now worth more than $1 billion

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Marijuana sales in Ohio are delivering great benefits to the state

The medical marijuana market in Ohio is hotter than ever. Dispensaries began serving patients in April 2019 and it has been growing steadily ever since. Now, it has reached the point where sales have officially surpassed the $1 billion mark since that date. Ohio officials must be happy to know that decision made more than three years ago has paid off.

Data released by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program on Sunday shows how the medical marijuana market has reached an historic milestone. According to the report, Sept. 18 became a landmark date as $1,000,047,483 in total medical marijuana sales were reached. By the following week, that number had risen another $8 million.

Sales to date include 10,990,809 units of manufactured products and 118,978 pounds of plant material. This milestone for the medical marijuana market in The Buckeye State comes just as preparations are underway to double the number of dispensaries by early 2023. About four months ago, regulators announced that they had selected 70 new licensees through a lottery system.

If the state alone was already making big money over the past three-plus years, the increase in access points will generate more sales. The next step in the legislature expected by advocates is for a bill to be enacted that would give doctors the power to recommend medical marijuana to patients for any condition they deem appropriate. Should this happen, the market could see an even more significant expansion.