Ohio to try again with marijuana legalization

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A new bill is coming to the Ohio General Assembly to try to legalize cannabis

Hopes are not over for marijuana supporters in the state of Ohio, as a state legislator intends to introduce a bill in the General Assembly to legalize marijuana use once and for all. Hopefully, he can succeed where others have failed.

If there are no rocks in the road, the measure is expected to be introduced in the next few days, Representative Casey Weinstein confirmed. Although several proposals have been put on the table on this issue, this would be the first bill to be introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives.

It is still uncertain what the future of this measure may face in the General Assembly, especially since it is largely Republican-led, but that is not an excuse for Weinstein to back down and hope the legislation gets the support it needs. There are definitely many hurdles that need to be crossed, and one is Governor Mike DeWine, who has long made it clear that he does not agree with marijuana being legalized in his territory.

But it is likely that, if lawmakers don’t take the chance to shape the legalization, the issue could be brought to a final decision by a statewide vote. Last year an election campaign was held to finally legalize marijuana in the Buckeye State. Still, it was not as successful as desired because the pandemic made it impossible to collect the necessary signatures.

No draft of Weinstein’s bill has been shared yet; however, it has been reported that his office sent to the Register a list of provisions that could become part of the bill, highlighting recreational use for adults over 21 and imposing a 10% excise tax on sales.