Now’s a good time to take a cannabis bus tour in Portland

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There are plenty of reasons for cannabis enthusiasts to plan a trip to Oregon’s favorite cannabis city

Oregon maintains a legalized recreational marijuana market and happens to be one of the most beautiful areas in the US, with stunning coastlines and towering mountains. Portland, specifically, has become one of the most appealing cities for consumers, due to its many high-quality dispensaries. If you want to do a more detailed exploration of the “Jewel of Oregon,” you can take a cannabis tour via bus with a designated driver.

By means of a 12-seater green and purple tour bus, the tour company Portlandia Experience organizes a rock and roll-themed tour of Portland. A large number of tourists opt for this option as it is a safe and convenient way to participate freely in the city’s cannabis culture. With a designated driver, participants don’t have to worry about smoking and driving. Instead, they can enjoy the sights while consuming their products.

The tours are exclusive for weekends and have two different options to choose from: The Portlandia Experience and the Weed and Waterfalls tour. The latter takes passengers on a trip out of Portland to the Columbia River Gorge for nature sightseeing and leisurely hikes, while the Portlandia Experience focuses on visiting dispensaries and microbreweries. It is important to remember that Portland has the most breweries of any city in the world.

The four-hour tours are priced at $79 per person. These are certainly great options for those interested in the cannabis culture of other cities and who plan to get out of their region for a nice vacation trip.