North Carolina Senate sends marijuana bill to the House

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The Tar Heel State seems intent on expanding cannabis use

Medical marijuana has generally ceased to be seen as a controversial issue. Although North Carolina differs from that, it appears that the legislation that would be responsible for opening up this market continues to move forward. The bipartisan bill is already sniffing state Senate approval for the second year in a row. It would soon be packing its bags to head to the House of Representatives.

North Carolina’s Compassionate Care Act is the measure that was recently passed in a vote yesterday after a brief debate. The 36-10 result is giving a lot of hope to advocates who hope to see medical marijuana as a source capable of ending a host of illnesses in residents. A final vote in this chamber is needed because the proposal contains financial considerations. In addition, the legislation received several significant changes in the judiciary.

Democratic Senator Paul Lowe has been working hand in hand with Republican Senators Bill Rabon and Michael Lee. The three are the main sponsors of the measure and have expressed satisfaction with the success achieved so far. The middle of last year marked the first time a medical marijuana bill advanced one chamber after the Senate voted 36-7 in favor of it.

2023 could bring positive winds, but expectations should remain stable as something similar could happen during this session. It is still unclear whether the House Republican leadership will allow the recent measure to be placed in committee, let alone advance to a floor vote.

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