NORML looks for assistance to hold legislators accountable

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The cannabis advocacy group is mounting an effort to keep lawmakers moving forward

When speaking about cannabis legalization on the federal level, it brings feelings of uncertainty as the process is stalled, and there is no one to hold accountable. The national marijuana advocacy group NORML is launching an online tool in an effort to change that. This revamped tool will help voters discover where their representatives stand regarding support to the cannabis policy. The advocacy group is now inviting people to contribute with information to its database and sent a letter this past Tuesday to its supporters to remind that Novembers elections are important despite the coronavirus outbreak.

The reason for this letter is that several important reforms to cannabis legislation are already set to appear on November’s ballots in many states across the country, so it becomes relevant to figure out the position of their respective lawmakers regarding any cannabis policy. The name of the online tool is “Smoke the Vote,” and it constitutes a guide with information about both federal and state officials have voted when it comes to cannabis reform issues, along with any comments they made on the topic. This tool was designed for voters, so better and more informed decisions are made before the upcoming elections.

“With the 2020 election only just over seven months away, NORML is gearing up to have the most expansive database ever assembled on the cannabis policy positions for those running for legislative office,” NORML Political Director Justin Strekal told Marijuana Moment. “The successes of the legalization experiments now operational in states from Massachusetts to California result in a stark contrast for voters in prohibition states: which side are their lawmakers on?”