Nike reportedly making “cannabis-infused” sneakers

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The shoe and sports apparel giant is getting into the cannabis game

Many companies from a diversity of industries, one way or another, are making their own way to enter the cannabis market that has grown significantly, with many companies like Colgate announcing new cannabis-based products. There are now rumors going around that the giant global apparel producer Nike is coming to the market with a new pair of high-top Dunk SBs sneakers inspired by the cannabis strain Strawberry Cough. There has not been an official statement, although a few pictures were leaked on many social media sites, showing a pair of red and green sneakers resembling a strawberry.

This is not the first interaction Nike has had with the cannabis community. For years, Nike has been celebrating cannabis and, in the past, it teamed up with a legend of the skateboard scene, Todd Bratrud, to design a line of kicks for cannabis-loving consumers. Last year, Nike got its inspiration from the popular Dogwalker strain to come up with its new cannabis-themed pair of shoes. In 2018, Nike went beyond inspiration and presented the SB Dunk Mid, a fuzzy and colorful show inspired in the White Widow strain. Batrud has been collaborating with Nike in the design of shoes whenever he is not working on designing skateboards, adding subtle elements that are associated with cannabis culture but not being too obvious.

For cannabis enthusiasts who are determined to get ahold of a pair of these shoes, it is a good idea to get in line, just in case. In the past, these themed sneakers disappeared from the shelves in just a blink of an eye.