NFL could change its marijuana policy

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The NFL is reportedly going to discuss marijuana with players as part of its collective bargaining agreement

After decades of relying on addictive opioids, football players might soon be able to take marijuana for their pain. Rumors are beginning to surface that “the NFL is prepared to make major concessions regarding the substance-abuse policy, especially as it relates to marijuana” when it meets with players to discuss the next collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The league is expected to manipulate the players union into agreeing to certain concessions by offering a revision to its substance abuse policy.

Currently, players can be suspended from play if they test positive on two substance use tests. The first positive result leads to the player being added to the NFL’s Stage Two intervention program and the second results in a suspension.

One player currently on suspension for violating league drug policies is David Irving of the Dallas Cowboys. He responded to the rumor about the policy change on Instagram, stating, “Well once they do that, give me a call [because] it’s bulls–t how I have Xanax bars [and] hydros right next to me to take, given to me by the NFL of course. However, we can’t smoke the same weed the staff itself smokes.”

Irving recently stated that he was ready to give up on football and the NFL in order to be able to consume marijuana.

Not much has been said about what the NFL might do with cannabis and its negotiations with the players union. The CBA doesn’t expire for another two years, which means there is still a lot of time before any changes can be made. However, this is also enough time for the U.S. to change federal marijuana laws, which would help the NFL make its transition, as well.

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