Next up, cannabis vending machines

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Athens, Greece welcomes its first cannabis vending machine

There are vending machines for soft drinks, junk food and virtually anything else imaginable. It isn’t too surprising, then, that cannabis vending machines would start to crop up. While not yet available in the U.S., it may only be a matter of time, especially if the federal government moves quickly and introduces serious marijuana reform legislation. Fortunately, there are other places that are making cannabis available for purchase through vending machines and can be used as a sort of test bed to see how they might be accepted elsewhere.

Athens, Greece has just installed its first cannabis vending machine. It was installed this week, giving locals and tourists easy access to a range of cannabis products. The machine is being watched by industry insiders to see how much of an international market there may be for similar machines in other locations.

Greece certainly isn’t the first country to see the machines installed – Amsterdam has had them for years. Even Washington State toyed with one, but it was a little more cumbersome. A cannabis vending machine was installed in Seattle, but those wanting to use it had to first go to a medical marijuana dispensary and show a medical marijuana ID. Other states, such as Arizona, California and Colorado, have also been exploring them, but they have been slow to become accepted.

The world is changing and there’s no getting around it. Marijuana legislation is coming and, in just a few short years, things like marijuana vending machines will no longer be viewed as a blot on the face of society, but as a regular part of its anatomy.

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