New York’s new governor is making marijuana legalization a priority

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The Empire State is expected to blaze a path to cannabis legalization

While it was well known that former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was a staunch supporter of marijuana, that thinking is not close to changing with the new administration coming to the state. As far as is known, new Governor Kathy Hochul, who arrives to take Cuomo’s place following his resignation in a sexual harassment scandal, is fully committed to filling the regulatory positions to implement marijuana legalization in the state. This hints that the issue will remain a top priority in the new office.

Hochul supported the legislature’s passage of the adult-use legalization bill this year, and now that she is in the state’s highest office, she intends to continue to make the plant a priority. While it is true that Cuomo was attacked with heavy criticism when negotiations with legislators over possible appointments stalled, the new governor has now properly picked up the baton and begun discussing how to move the process forward with leaders.

Giving sufficient priority to the appointment of an executive director of the new Office of Cannabis Management as well as members of the Cannabis Control Board may pave the way and speed up the creation of regulations and the launch of the retail market, which is supposed to come within the next year. Right now, people 21 and older are allowed to possess up to three ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of concentrates. In addition, if they are in a place where smoking tobacco is allowed, they can also smoke marijuana. However, so far, there are no stores open.

“Nominating and confirming individuals with diverse experience and expertise in the field, who are representative of communities across the state, to the Cannabis Control Board is a priority for Governor Hochul,” said spokesman Jordan Bennett. The Senate will be responsible for confirming any appointments the governor makes.