New York now has its first “immersive marijuana” experience

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Marijuana continues to emerge from the shadows where it has hidden for the last century

It seems it didn’t take long after New York legalized the use of marijuana in the state for its first immersive experience with the plant to finally take place. While it is true that in other states, this may be commonplace, it is here that marks the beginning of history in the relationship between New York and marijuana as such.

Known as The Stone Age, this will be the premier and first immersive, multi-sensory cannabis experience in the Big Apple. Starting September 15, it will welcome all those who manage to secure a ticket. The location will be at 607 Avenue of the Americas and the pop-up is expected to be designed to offer all participants a never-before-seen experience in order to create an awareness of the multiple benefits that can be found through cannabis.

As per the restrictions in place, it has been stated that only those over the age of 18 will be allowed to attend the event. Ticket prices start at $45, with scheduled admission available Wednesday through Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. If being one of the most important marijuana events to be held in New York City still doesn’t convince you, keep in mind that tickets will also include a gift bag with CBD-based products.

Being a female- and minority-inspired and created company, The Stone Age Experience is here to give marijuana in New York City a hot effect. Sasha Perelman and Elizabeth Santana, the company’s founders, have a very clear goal and have been able to prove it through the production of hundreds of events for the world’s leading cannabis, beauty, wellness, technology, and consumer goods brands.

“There is a beautiful cultural shift happening around cannabis wellness, and the need to empower and educate consumers is more important than ever. Bringing this truly unprecedented experience to New York City is not just a dream; it’s an honor,” said Perelman.