New York lawmakers work on bill to allow farmers to grow marijuana

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A bill emerges in New York that would facilitate marijuana farms

Since New York’s doors were opened for marijuana legalization several proposals and changes have come to this busy state. The good thing is that many of these measures have come in a positive way to meet the needs of everyone involved in the industry. According to the most recent updates, a New York Senator got down to work to introduce a bill that aims to create interim marijuana licensing category to give growers the right to start cultivating and selling cannabis before the adult-use program is launched.

The legislation is being pursued by Senator Jeremy Cooney, who, after becoming concerned about the state’s marijuana farmers, is seeking to establish a temporary license through this recent legislation. Should such a proposal come to fruition, it would undoubtedly right the wrongs caused by the war on drugs, where many people of color were greatly affected. “This legislation allows New York cannabis growers to put seeds in the ground so that the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana are not delayed for another growing season. We passed adult-use recreational marijuana with the promise of investing in the communities most negatively impacted by the failed War on Drugs. This bill allows us to begin to fulfill that promise by creating a supply chain of products for retailers in this new economy,” said the Senator, who currently serves as co-chair of the Black Puerto Rican Hispanic and Asian (BPHA) Legislative Caucus’ Marijuana Task Force.

Cooney is taking great advantage of the fact that the Empire State has now legalized cannabis to propose this type of licensing in order to fulfill the promises of economic justice that were previously made. In this way, farmers will be able to easily plant seeds and create economic opportunities that will meet their needs and the needs of their families.