New York advances bill to allow safe drug consumption sites

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New York is part of a growing trend of states that are creating safe public places to consume cannabis

More and more states are being attracted to marijuana-related initiatives. Safe drug consumption sites seem to be becoming a trend, with New York being one of the latest to show interest. Yesterday a New York Assembly committee unveiled legislation that would implement a program to bring these sites statewide. The idea is to give regulators the power to authorize facilities where people could use currently illicit drugs in a controlled environment supervised by medical experts.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal’s legislation had some dissenting votes, but not enough to stop it from moving forward. As a result, the measure now heads to the Codes Committee before potentially moving to the floor for consideration.

The bill proposes that local agencies and the New York Department of Health could have the ability to approve some safe consumption sites while regulating facilities. It is certainly an idea that is of interest to many cannabis users in the state, especially in the face of a recreational market that will not be long in opening.

The main objective of the legislation is to prevent the rate of overdose deaths from continuing to rise by having medical specialists on-site at the time of consumption. In addition to receiving treatment resources, individuals would not face the threat of arrest or incarceration.

In addition, one of the clear requests of the legislation is that facilities provide syringe exchange services where individuals have the ability to obtain sterile hypodermic needles and also safely deposit used syringes. The measure has made it clear that education is one of its essential components. It calls for information to be provided on the risks of contracting diseases such as HIV and viral hepatitis through needle sharing.