New Year’s resolutions cannabis enthusiasts can consider

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Get the year off to a great start by setting expectations for cannabis consumption

Almost everyone likes to set new year’s resolutions each year, even if many don’t actually follow them. For cannabis enthusiasts, now is the time to start planning on how the rest of the year is going to fall into place and there’s nothing wrong with adding some new year’s cannabis resolutions to the list.

For cannabis smokers, perhaps making a smoking schedule is a good idea. It’s possible that the continued impact of the COVID-19 lockdown has led to an increase in smoking, or even drinking, and, if you find yourself consuming more than normal, try some new hobbies – reading, cooking, etc. – to get out of the routine.

If you’re going to consume, try to combine it with other activities. This will remove it as the focus of the day and turn it into a complementary experience, instead of the primary. Ultimately, and perhaps a little surprisingly, this will make the experience more enjoyable.

Taking tolerance breaks is always a good idea, even when everyone isn’t stressed out by COVID-19. The body, over time, can build up a tolerance to anything, including cannabis. By taking tolerance breaks, you allow your body to readjust itself and the outcome will surprise you.

It’s also always a good idea to know your limits, whether you’re thinking about cannabis, alcohol, exercise or anything else. Cannabis consumption offers a lot of benefits, but going too far can be detrimental. Understanding your relationship with cannabis is the key to responsible consumption.