New technology is helping the cannabis industry evolve

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An innovative cannabis grinder can help smaller farms become more competitive

The marijuana industry has begun to get along very well with technology in recent years. Much of its development is thanks to the innovative ideas that firms like Mobius have begun to create. This leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana processing equipment has recently announced the launch of a scaled-down cannabis grinder. The device has the ability to offer the quality and precision grind of industrial grinders at a much more affordable price.

M60 Mill, the name of the newly launched device, is capable of extracting advanced technology from Mobius’ flagship M210 Mill. Through slow rotation speeds, both are able to reduce heat degradation and precision cutting dies to maintain uniform particle sizes without having to sacrifice tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Inconsistent grinding can affect the way the ground cannabis is packaged within the cone and its burning process, hence the importance of grinding with high levels of precision. Given that pre-roll is becoming a crowded market, brands must offer consistent quality to survive and thrive.

“We’re excited to fit full-scale technology into our Mobius M60 Mill,” said Amanda James, Director of Strategy at Mobius. “It empowers smaller pre-roll and extract producers to achieve a top-quality grind at a much lower price point.”

After generating unnecessary heat, traditional marijuana mills destroy high-value cannabinoids, such as THC. By using low-friction internal mechanisms, Mobius grinders avoid temperature elevation to optimize potency and smokability.

“At 20 pounds per hour, the Mobius M60 Mill will serve a wide range of established licenses, as well as market entrants looking to access the pre-roll niche,” said James. “We’re shipping the new units starting this week.”

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