New technology helping to shape marijuana entrepreneurs

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Several engineering advancements are helping marijuana companies become more productive

As with the dawn of any new technology or innovation, the marijuana industry is just getting started. There are advances every day that are making companies become more efficient and are helping them improve their operations. These advancements are shaping the industry, helping it to become more robust and, in some cases, more compliant.

Products like the Access Rosin Machine help to increase rosin production to take it to commercial scale. Most conventional presses use high heat and pressure and large metal plates, but the Access press was able to create a solution that incorporates presses shaped like pyramids that allow the oil to drain directly into a catchment. This allows for a smaller footprint for rosin extraction processes, while eliminating the necessity of having a separate step between the press and the catchment seen in conventional presses.

Pre-rolls are a popular product on the market, but they are time-consuming and difficult to produce. An aeronautics engineer out of Washington State put his skills and talents to the test to create a better pre-roll device and rolled out the RocketBox, which is able to roll 453 marijuana cigarettes in three minutes. That’s four times faster than any other pre-roll manufacturing device on the market.

Not all of the innovation has centered on production, either. Marketing has lagged behind substantially, due primarily to federal restrictions. That led to the creation of Adistry, software that provides access to 90 media channels and other ad outlets that accept cannabis-related advertising.

There are other innovations happening, as well, such as more efficient cooling devices, the ability to quickly remove waxes from oils and products that can determine whether or not supplies are authentic or counterfeit. It’s an incredible time to be watching the marijuana space grow and develop and there is still much more to come.