New survey explores CBD consumption habits

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CBD continues to increase in awareness and in use

Each year, there are new studies into the consumption of numerous products, including the product du jour, cannabidiol (CBD). Barely receiving as much as a footnote in cannabis discussions a few years ago, it is now one of the most popular cannabis-related products, driven by a history of success stories that are extolling the compound’s health benefits. A new survey shows just how popular CBD has become in both awareness and consumption, and how the trend will most likely continue for the next several years.

The survey, conducted by Harris Poll and Quartz, wanted to learn how CBD had spread in the US. In terms of recognition, 86% of Americans are now aware of what it is, although only 20% have tried it. 7% of those surveyed indicated that they regularly use it.

The majority of those who consume CBD do so for wellness reasons. 55% indicated that they consumed CBD to help them relax and 50% stated that they used it to relieve stress and anxiety. Another 44% indicated that CBD helped them relieve muscle pain and only 22% said that it was a way to fit in socially.

Users in the 18-45-year-old age bracket comprised the largest number of consumers. Among genders, women were identified as those most likely to turn to CBD for its wellness benefits, while men generally used it for pain relief and other targeted reasons.

There is still some debate over the possible side effects of CBD consumption; however, this is ultimately a moot issue. CBD has been consumed for years and there have yet to be any drastic side effects identified. Even alcohol and sugar have side effects when consumed to an extreme.