New study takes a look at which products most medical marijuana patients prefer

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The information helps cannabis dispensaries and doctors make better decisions

In the US, there is a large base of medical cannabis users. On the other hand, there are also a large number of products based on this plant that are extremely beneficial. A study has been commissioned to analyze both data and determine what are the real preferences of this medical community when it comes to choosing marijuana products.

The new study has found considerable variability when choosing a product, even among those seeking to combat the same condition. This has led the authors to suggest that there is a lack of consistent clinical guidance. Understanding what products medical marijuana patients use has prompted several researchers to conduct this survey, especially since there appears to be a lack of publicly available data.

The picture was clarified by the researchers at the USC Schaeffer Center after analyzing different data from a few outlets from approximately 17,00 patients. The study was based on purchases made as part of the New York State medical cannabis program.

According to the findings, a considerable difference was found in the products chosen for many of the medical conditions. In addition, the dosage of THC indicated was also found to be highly variable.

“While the medical cannabis market is not new, there is still relatively little research on patient purchasing behavior,” says Alexandra Kritikos, a postdoctoral research fellow at the USC Schaeffer Center and the USC Institute for Addiction Science. “Unfortunately, our analysis suggests that patients may not be getting consistent guidance from clinicians and pharmacists, and, in many disease areas, there seems to be a lack of clear clinical data on appropriate dosing.”