New study shows many cannabis consumers are more active than non-consumers

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The idea that cannabis users are lazy is debunked once again

There has long been a stereotype that people who use marijuana generally do not do any physical activity and tend to be lazy. This thought actually has many errors because, according to a study, different researchers have found that frequent marijuana users are more likely to be more active people compared to those who do not consume this plant.

The study was published in the Harm Reduction Journal last week, and it came to break all those stereotypes. In order to draw some pretty clear conclusions, a nationally representative analysis of sedentary behavior measured by accelerometer was enough to show that people who use cannabis frequently, especially those over the age of 40, spend their leisure time being physically active, something that was not as common in non-users. “Our findings do not support the widespread perception that cannabis users have sedentary lifestyles,” the researchers concluded.

At a general level, it could be found that “there are no significant differences between non-current cannabis users and light, moderate or frequent cannabis users in minutes per day spent in [sedentary behavior].” An analysis was also made to find the relationship between consumption, age, and physical activity, and as a result, it could be seen that people over 40 years of age with moderate consumption spent at least 16 minutes more physical activity than those who do not use marijuana.

In order to have a clear idea of why this is a trend, the study has indicated that cannabis is currently being used for the recovery of pain that was caused after physical activity, and in the same way, “a decrease in pain threshold and muscle hypersensitivity has been documented with increasing age.”