New study shows cannabis users are not “lazy stoners”

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The idea that consuming marijuana makes people lazy has proven to be a false stereotype

For quite some time, opponents of marijuana have said that cannabis users are generally too lazy, thus marking a stereotype without a really clear foundation. In advertisements and even well-known movies, this thinking has been promoted for a long time; various depictions show how “stoner” people are often unfit and without goals in life. In order to put an end to this kind of stereotyping, a team of researchers got together to examine data regarding people who use cannabis and those who do not. As a result, the researchers found that cannabis use had no negative impact on exercise frequency.

“Results show that, particularly for fixed-effects models, marijuana use is not significantly related to exercise, counter to the conventional wisdom that marijuana users are less likely to be active. Indeed, the only significant estimates suggest a positive relationship, even among heavier users during the past 30 days,” concluded the researchers.

All those people who have a vast knowledge of cannabis in relation to professional sports may not have been so surprised by studies such as these. Athletes like professional MMA fighter Nick Diaz and former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams were both cannabis users during their careers, and their performances were quite incredible.

It is hoped that as the legalization of cannabis continues to advance around the world, stigmas and stereotypes like these will be forgotten. All of the false propaganda that has been spread for the past 100 years will be lost, as well, making way for the true and important role cannabis can play.