New study shows cannabis is a welcome and viable alternative to opioids

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More research is finding that all-natural cannabis provides better benefits than opioids

Several reports have already confirmed the increasing mortality rate caused by opioid overdose, resulting in several leaders to even considering it a public health emergency. More than 30,000 lives were lost to opioid overdose in 2015. Since then, this devastating statistic has continued to grow. However, other clinical trials conducted this time in Johannesburg, South Africa, have set out to determine whether cannabis can replace opioids in the treatment of pain. The answer seems to be quite promising.

When you suffer from chronic pain, opioid painkillers can be a vital tool to help you cope with your daily life. However, some traditional painkillers also have unpleasant side effects that can severely damage a person’s quality of life or, in some cases, even put your life at risk. According to researchers who delved into the subject, marijuana can change this whole picture.

The specialists observed 1,000 patients who, for at least the last three months, have consumed opioids for pain control. They say they are ready to switch to cannabis as an alternative. Related research shows that marijuana can relieve multiple types of chronic pain, including inflammatory pain, neurological pain, and central pain. Best of all, side effects are left out of the equation.

Dr. Shiksha Gallow said, “It has been quite slow. However, more options have been introduced in the live study, as suggested by patients in the pilot study. The pilot results of the study were very promising, showing that 98% of patients get some pain relief from cannabis.”