New study reveals that new cannabis users are mostly young females

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Young women seem to be more attracted to cannabis than other segments

There are more and more new users of cannabis, which does not seem to be anything extraordinary given that as time goes by, its medical and recreational benefits seem to be more and more striking. It is clear to say that the majority of this population is young, and women of those ages are starting to become more relevant to the new consumption trend.

Recent studies show that half of the new consumers are using marijuana at least five times a week, and 22% of that population enjoys lighting up at least a couple of times a day. While it is true that several studies show that women are younger and more frequent users than men today, these statistics may vary depending on the region.

In a booming cannabis state such as California, it was reported that 43% of new users were women, but in Michigan, however, that figure rose to a total of 59%. Along with the increase in female buyers, a substantial 22% were said to be Generation Z, something that has been steadily increasing over the past few years, especially after many states allowed recreational marijuana use.

Jamie Schau, senior knowledge manager at Brightfield Group said those figures are a reflection of the increasing popularity, diversity, and normalization of adult-use cannabis. “This is a significant departure from the classic cannabis consumer profile and those participating in the space will benefit from adapting to the evolving market,” he added.

Brightfield experts believe the SAFE Banking Act will be the next milestone in today’s cannabis movement, as it will allow banks to provide services to cannabis-related businesses without facing problems at the federal level.