New spray developed to combat the marijuana smell

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For those that like marijuana, but not the smell, this product’s for you

For many individuals, marijuana has substantial importance in helping them lead normal lives. Mother Nature’s wonder drug helps them combat chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis and a host of other afflictions. However, some of the consumers, especially those that consume by smoking, have a difficult time dealing with the smell. One entrepreneur heeded the call and has made a spray that reportedly counters the aroma of marijuana.

Valerie de Moore of Niagara Falls has created PotAway, a chemical-free and fragrance-free marijuana aroma killer. She began offering her product at local flea markets in the area only a few weeks ago, but has already seen substantial interest and is now offering the spray to local hotels.

de Moore explains, “Cannabis smell is a big problem for some people, and they don’t know what to do. You can’t just mask it with air freshener.” The entrepreneur adds, “We’re not at the investor stage yet but we have been getting a lot of attention. It’s blowing up.”

The idea for PotAway came from a TV program de Moore had seen on electrolyzed water. The water had been evaluated on the show by Dr. Keith Warriner, a professor of food science, and de Moore reached out to him to learn more. Warriner states, “I think [de Moore] is a classic example of how you can take an idea and solve a real need. This is not only because the odour of marijuana will become an increasing issue in residential places, but also the health effects of current air fresheners that contain a diverse range of agents to more cover up odour rather than degrade.”

Anyone who wants to consume marijuana, but has concerns about the lingering smell, now has the perfect solution.

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