New software for the cannabis industry can help improve cultivation

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Bloom Automation has released its AI Engine 2.0 to help cannabis growers

Bloom Automation, has once again been turning to technology in order to implement a tool capable of taking marijuana cultivation to the next level. The agricultural technology company specializing in cannabis power equipment knows that innovative projects have made the cannabis industry develop better. To that end, it has launched software called Bloom Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine 2.0. The platform is based on a series of algorithms capable of visually analyzing marijuana flowers and thus achieving a more accurate and faster automatic trimming.

By upgrading the AI-based software, it is possible for the robotic system to be twice as fast as traditional trimmers. This being the case, further possibilities are generated for other related tasks such as defoliation, identification, crop weight prediction, and flower cutting.

“We’re excited to announce Bloom’s 2.0 AI Engine for more reasons than one,” said Jon Gowa, CEO and founder of Bloom. “The new AI increases the speed of our machine while also opening the door to support a wide range of third-party applications and equipment.”

The AI and its leap in performance are driven by a confluence of advances based on a database and machine learning that expands on images collected over the years. This Bloom trimming system operates by manicuring the flowers before removing them from the stem by means of a robotic arm and cameras. This allows the leaves to be analyzed with certainty before seeing if they are eligible for removal.

Industry experts claim that cannabis processing costs are estimated at more than 20% of total cultivation costs. However, with the advent of AI and this software, many growers can save huge amounts of money in the long run. In addition, Bloom’s advances mean that the crop maintains maximum quality, so there is no sacrifice at stake.