New social equity cannabis incubator gets support from NBA pro

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Matt Barnes is going to make sure consumers have greater access to quality cannabis products

Former NBA champ Matt Barnes is hooking up with Eaze ‘known as the Uber of Weed’ to help the San Francisco-based company “take the company’s social equity program national.” Barns will join Eaze as a senior advisor to its Board of Directors, serving as the chairman of the company’s Social Equity Advisory Board, becoming a driving force of the company’s efforts to ensure proper access to cannabis products everywhere.

Eaze started in 2014 with just 4 employees and has grown exponentially since then. It now has over 80 people working to connect medical marijuana patients to dispensaries through a mobile app. While Eaze does not grow or produce any cannabis itself, the company now operates in over 100 cities in the state of California and provides 120,000 deliveries per month to 250,000 users. No wonder the company grew by 300% in 2017. Eaze sells a vaporizer cartridge, which reached over $1 million in sales in just four months.

After helping Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get elected to the White House, Barns will next help the company to launch a second edition of Eaze’s Momentum Business Accelerator, which, until now, was only available in California. In that regard, he will take on a role on the company’s Momentum Advisory Board. Barns said recently in an exclusive interview, “When I think about urban neighborhoods across the country, so many families were ripped apart because of the criminalization of cannabis. I want to create innovative products that educate and reduce the stigma.”