New retail media network hopes to make it easier for cannabis companies to market products

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Cannabis marketing gets a boost through Fyllo Connect

Cannabis has revolutionized the world. It is a business in full expansion and with a lot of emerging markets. However, there are still a lot of limitations due to some of the barriers it faces during the marketing process. In order to put those issues aside, Fyllo, the cannabis fulfillment technology platform, has unveiled Fyllo Connect, a new retail media tool created to help businesses reach consumers more effectively. The news was unveiled via a Benzinga exclusive.

This new interactive retail media network has been designed with the marketing and some of its limitations in the cannabis space in mind. Fyllo Connect comes to expand the company’s revamped Retail Suite. Fyllo is known for providing services, software, and a digital display network created to take consumer experiences to the next level. This has led to hundreds of cannabis dispensaries being able to accelerate their growth.

Chad Bronstein, CEO of Fyllo told Benzinga that the various marijuana operators now have access to an ecosystem of intuitive display software capable of generating new opportunities when it comes to further growing the brand. In addition to increasing store revenue, the customer shopping experience will be unparalleled.

He added, “This is the kind of innovation our cannabis retail partners expect from Fyllo and we’re thrilled to kick off the launch with one of the most respected Multi-State Operators in the business.” Through Fyllo Connect, Bronstein hopes that brands can reach and engage cannabis consumers at the point of purchase for maximum impact, as well as offer deals, increase awareness and drive purchases.