New research will study cannabis for treating a range of gynecological issues

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Women can find relief from menstrual cramps, other issues through cannabis

Before starting any type of treatment, it is always necessary to carry out different clinical trials to examine its respective safety and efficacy. This is precisely what some scientists in Israel are planning to do, as it is believed that cannabis-based treatments may be useful for some of the most painful and persistent gynecological conditions facing women today.

The clinical trials, which are expected to begin next year, will be conducted to test cannabis-based pharmacology products developed by Gynica, a Jerusalem-based FemTech (female technology) company. Gynica has long been a firm believer that the active ingredients in cannabis have the ability to alleviate painful conditions in the female reproductive system, whether it be endometriosis or dysmenorrhea, which many know as excessive painful menstruation.

Many of us know that today there are many conventional treatments ranging from over-the-counter painkillers to surgical intervention. However, they seem to be insufficient or may even result in even greater problems in women’s health.

“There are so many gaps in the way the medical community and the scientific community handle conditions that affect women,” says Gynica co-founder and CEO Yotam Hod. The startup is looking to intervene with patented vaginal suppositories that Hod says should help “reduce pain but also inflammation, which is a critical factor in both endometriosis and dysmenorrhea.”

Gynica says the company has every intention of meeting needs that are generally unmet in women’s health today. It intends to do this through the development of cannabis-based solutions that have so far shown promising potential.