New research shows the benefits of marijuana to treat Parkinson’s disease

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Additional evidence is demonstrating how Parkinson’s symptoms can be countered through cannabis

The human body is a complex system that, to date, scientists are still aiming to fully understand, especially when facing a disease. One of the health conditions that has been known for many years is Parkinson’s disease, and research is still ongoing to understand how exactly the body changes its function to give in to the advancement of this ailment. Even though there are many treatment options available in the market to ease the pain and symptoms from a Parkinson’s crisis, some side effects are turning people to more natural resources. Cannabis has been a focus of research that aims to understand the benefits of cannabis for Parkinson’s patients, and the results are positive.

Cannabis has been getting increased attention from patients due to its capacity to alleviate symptoms and help the patient have a better life quality. A new initiative was launched by the Parkinson’s Foundation with the goal to study all its members’ views on using marijuana and get some insight. Referring to this research is Parkinson’s Foundation Chief Scientific Officer, James Beck, PhD, “When it comes to research, this is an unexplored area that has the potential to treat Parkinson’s symptoms.” This organization ran in March last year its first annual medical marijuana research conference, and significant results were shared from an earlier study.

Out of all the patients with Parkinson’s disease who were interviewed, 80% of them used cannabis. And, reportedly, 23% of doctors received formal education regarding the use of medical marijuana.
Even 95% of neurologists were asked by their patients to prescribe medical marijuana. The idea is to start gathering data to really determine what are the benefits that patients experienced from using cannabis since 80% of its members are turning to this alternative treatment.