New research emphasizes the safety of CBD products

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More studies show that there are plenty of benefits to consuming cannabis

With over 1,000 people nodding their heads in agreement, a comprehensive new study has confirmed that orally ingested cannabidiol (CBD) products are completely safe. The findings may be of utmost relevance to entities like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which have long been looking to regulate CBD in a strict manner.

The two-part study found that daily use of CBD-based products of different sizes and ratios had no association with elevated liver tests, low testosterone levels, or daytime sleepiness. Many other studies and opponents of marijuana claim that liver problems follow CBD consumption, but recent research contradicts those claims.

In order to conduct this research, the research firm Validcare contracted nearly 20 CBD companies. The idea was to be able to take a closer look at all those concerns that the FDA has previously expressed when it comes to consumer safety. Validcare acted as the contract research organization, being the entity in charge of the study, obtaining feedback on the FDA and the research protocol, as well as publishing the results.

Dr. Robert Kaufmann, director of research at Validcare, said, “The data from this study looks very good; it is very meaningful, and the chances of it being wrong are very, very small. I’m very hopeful that this data will allow the FDA to regulate these popular CBD products.”

The first cohort of the study was tasked with analyzing how CBD products from 12 different manufacturers affected the liver function of 839 study participants. The other part included an additional 222 people who took CBD products produced by five additional companies.

The researchers made it clear that the participation of the additional study subjects was a clear indication of confidence regarding the liver safety results. This, in turn, achieved statistical significance for the sleep and testosterone results.