New research continues to unravel the truth about cannabis

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Major studies are underway that are showing how beneficial and effective cannabis is

As time goes on, more and more new research has begun to reveal the true benefits that lie beneath the cannabis plant. A topic that was once difficult to talk about among people has now become a recommendation for those seeking a natural and effective treatment for a wide variety of symptoms and ailments.

It is known that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, but the medical establishment still does not want to accept this reality. Different clinical trials are beginning to encounter several roadblocks because of this, not to mention the lack of funding that is sometimes more than necessary. However, as attitudes towards marijuana change, both federal and state governments have decided to authorize and fund research in order to find out more about the potential of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.

Early last month, a Senate committee gave the green light to a measure that would give US Department of Veterans Affairs physicians the opportunity to recommend cannabis to veterans in states where legalization is already a fact. “Michiganders are granting non-profit researchers the opportunity to establish whether marijuana is helpful for veterans with PTSD,” Rick Doblin, founder and director of MAPS, said. “If so, we will seek to return that generosity by developing a public-benefit cannabis pharmaceutical product that would be eligible for insurance coverage, just like any other pharmaceutical drug.”

Past and current research has been helpful in uncovering the great potential of cannabis. Many people today have been able to alleviate many of their illnesses thanks to its discovered properties.