New platform makes it easier for cannabis companies to market on mainstream media

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FlowerShop Media gives cannabis companies easy solutions to market their products

Although, over time, the cannabis industry has begun to boom globally, it is no secret that its advertising options are often not as vast as those of other established industries. Nowadays, this is not really due to the laws, but also to the fact that several media outlets still feel inhibited when it comes to this topic and several social networks have strict policies when it comes to marijuana-related ads. In order to provide an early solution to this problem, FlowerShop Media has set up an innovative platform called Cannabis Media Marketplace, making it easier for cannabis companies to market their products.

The main objective of FlowerShop Media is to allow cannabis companies to have the opportunity that they have long been deprived of conventional advertising. Launched in mid-May, it has since sought to eliminate the risks faced by both advertisers and publishers as they are responsible for ensuring compliance where ads run while exposing brands to entirely new consumers.

“Conventional advertising is nearly impossible for the cannabis industry. At FlowerShop Media, we knew there had to be a way for cannabis brands to promote their products safely and effectively. To find the solution, we completely reinvented media buying and are launching The Cannabis Media Marketplace. Now, any cannabis brand can confidently advertise their products with a wider audience and fully comply,” said David Breckling, CEO of the company.

Many benefits can be found through this platform, and advertisers will now be able to advertise their products on popular sites and ensure compliance with local laws. They will also find ways to further expand their operations through smart device sites.