New National Craft Cannabis Coalition hopes to unite the industry

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The group will support independent cannabis producers across the US

More and more entities are consolidating to give the marijuana industry a more united look. In order to support small independent cannabis producers in the US, the National Craft Cannabis Coalition (NCCC) has now been established.

Six state-level marijuana organizers officially brought the new coalition to life on Tuesday. The parties involved are, Maine Craft Cannabis Association, Origins Council (California), Farm Bug Co-Op (Massachusetts), FARMS Inc. (Oregon), Vermont Growers Association, and the Washington Sun & Craft Growers Association. Combined, they represent more than 1,000 independent marijuana growers.

Through the NCCC, these members intend to promote federal and state policies that are in favor of small marijuana growers. In turn, the NCCC will do what is necessary to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem to support artisanal cannabis cultivation.

“Across the United States, thousands of small cannabis farmers and manufacturers have received licenses to operate under state-legal cannabis frameworks, with many others seeking to enter the legal market,” said Amanda Metzler, president of F.A.R.M.S. Given that federal legalization may be closer than ever, Metzler adds that it is of utmost importance that artisanal marijuana producers be organized across state lines. This would, as a result, ensure that federal policy includes a level playing field for small and independent businesses.

The SHIP Act, introduced last week by Representative Jared Huffman, now appears to be one of the NCCC-supported bills. The legislation would allow small cannabis producers to sell and ship products within and across state lines.