New Mexico readies rules for marijuana production

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New Mexico is exploring new guidelines for its cannabis production market

The adult-use marijuana market has received a new set of rules released by New Mexico regulators yesterday as the state prepares to launch retail sales next year. Applications for producer licenses are expected to begin being accepted in the coming days. Many of these new regulations address licensing requirements, patient access, public safety, and social equity.

Rules related to retailers, testing facilities, and other cannabis sectors are still being developed and reportedly should be finalized before the start of next year, especially since sales are set to launch in April. Linda Trujillo, superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department, said, “As a result of our open and collaborative process, these rules reflect the unique needs and perspectives of New Mexico residents, businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities.

Regarding the new regulations, the Cannabis Control Division said it will ensure that at least half of licensed marijuana producers comply with its social equity mandate, with the goal of lending a hand to communities that in one way or another have been hard hit by the war on drugs. It will also “solicit public input to create and implement a social and economic equity plan” and create that plan by October 15. It will “include guidelines to determine how to assess which communities have been disproportionately impacted, how to assess if a person is a member of a community disproportionately impacted, and proposed incentives to promote social and economic equity for applicants, licensees, and cannabis industry employees.”

According to regulators, producer license applications will begin to be accepted later this week, ahead of the mandatory September 1 deadline through a “streamlined online system.” Once a completed application is received, they will have 90 days to approve or reject it.