New Mexico gets behind hemp manufacturer with investments

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Both the state and the city of Las Cruces is putting money into a local company

An initiative to start a new cannabis-based business in New Mexico is receiving all the support from the local governments, especially the governor. The City of Las Cruces just announced an investment of $150,000 to fund a new facility that will be dedicated to grow and sell products made of hemp. Another $400,000 will be coming directly from the state’s government for the construction of this hemp manufacturing company.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has been working along with Alicia J. Keys from the Economic Development Department Cabinet on this project, with the intention of helping grow the economy in the Land of Enchantment State.

Right in the middle of all the construction, this facility will be located at 420 Valley Drive. It first launched in 2018 and is currently making people look for alternate traffic routes since it causes a lot of congestion – some businesses ended up closing their doors for this same reason.

Besides this collateral damage the construction might bring, the expectation is to give to this part of the city a major push to attract more people to the area. This hemp manufacturing company will be selling cannabidiol (CBD) based products and, in the near future, at least 50 employees will be hired in a three-year period.

Two names are behind this future facility – Rick Morales and Scott Bannister, both Las Cruces natives. Says Keys, “They’re two local guys who know this area and they know that this kind of development here is going to re-generate this whole area.”

“By us revitalizing this whole building, beautifying this side of town, is really going to make a difference. And the exciting part about all this is bringing new jobs to our area,” Morales offers.