New Mexico becomes latest legal cannabis state

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There are now 17 legal cannabis states after New Mexico is added to the list

Marijuana enthusiasts in the state of Mexico received the week with excellent news. A marijuana legalization bill was signed into law by Michelle Lujan Grisham, the state’s governor, and with this, now official, New Mexico becomes the 17th state in the country in which marijuana is legal.

Adults over the age of 21 now have the ability to consume and grow marijuana for recreational purposes in New Mexico. A legal and regulated market is expected to be in place by the beginning of 2022. The new law also aims to have the records of people who have had marijuana-related convictions completely expunged, and that all those currently serving a punishment for a marijuana-related offense will be eligible for a new, more lenient sentence.

For many years, Grisham’s work has been tireless, convening several special sessions in an effort to bring about legalization as soon as possible. After an exhaustive process, finally, the Senate and the House of Representatives agreed with the legislation that Grisham has now enacted. Since 2007 the medical use of marijuana was allowed, but now recreational use is the most important addition.

Although marijuana remains illegal under a federal framework, with the advent of the Biden administration, there has been little interference for states to make their own decisions regarding this issue. Many supporters are glad that this law has become a reality, especially because it eliminates many of the harms that were caused by marijuana prohibition, including thousands of arrests and racial disparities.

It is very likely that, in addition, the state will begin to see a lot of profit after receiving taxes from marijuana sales, and that aspect is never unimportant for the proper development of the state.