New medical marijuana dispensaries could come to Nevada

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Regulators in Clark County could approve 31 new licenses

The Nevada landscape could soon see a significantly higher number of marijuana dispensaries. Based on the number of licenses available, Clark County could soon have as many as 31 new recreational marijuana dispensaries, but the ultimate decision lies with how enthusiastic local governments are to help expand the marijuana industry.

Clark County has opened the application period for the stores today and will close the period on September 20. There are many areas in the Las Vegas Valley that are currently underserved and the new licenses could lead to a significant expansion in the state. John Laud, the president of the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association, believes that a number of businesses are going to apply for the licenses and that other companies, such as those behind cultivation and production, could also join the fray.

During the first full year of legal recreational marijuana in the state, Nevada stores sold almost $425 million worth of marijuana. This was greater than several other states, including Colorado, which sold $303 million its first year, Washington, with $259 million and Oregon with $241 million.

According to Clark County Commissioner Chris Guinchigliani, access to marijuana should be available all through the valley, given that the public voted to legalize marijuana use. She feels that the eastern valley needs more retail outlets and says, “I do believe that people should be served if it’s legal. I don’t want them to have to drive across down to purchase a legal recreational drug.”

Businesses approved for the new licenses will be notified by the Nevada Department of Taxation by December 5 and must become operations within 12 months.

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