New loyalty program for the cannabis industry will help strengthen relationships

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Springbig is helping cannabis companies develop loyalty with their customers

Loyalty programs are potential customer touch points, so they are excellent opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. Customers can be enthusiastic and become indirect brand ambassadors, which greatly benefits any business by generating more customers. In order to launch such a feature in the cannabis industry, leading SaaS-based marketing solutions provider Springbig has partnered with KORONA POS, a cloud-based point-of-sale software from COMBASE for small and large businesses.

Retaining customers and turning them into true fans of a brand represents 20% of the cost of acquiring a new user from scratch. In an industry increasingly competitive for people’s attention and reaching them at the right time, implementing a loyalty program seems like a wise idea.

With the two-way integration of Springbig joining KORONA POS services, merchants will have the opportunity to grant and request loyalty offers directly from KORONA POS at checkout. Using one of Springbig’s many enrollment tools or the loyalty program from the POS, merchants will also be able to enroll new members.

As a result of this partnership, companies in the cannabis market will be able to develop highly targeted strategies and campaigns to drive business and reach consumers in a highly personalized way. A large number of merchants have opted for KORONA POS services as it provides the necessary tools to grow and scale their businesses with ease.

“KORONA POS is a distinctive and dynamic platform that has helped a variety of businesses, from amusement parks to vape stores,” said Jeffrey Harris, CEO of Springbig. “Merchants can create smarter and more innovative campaigns to reach consumers and improve their business while providing a better shopping experience and a more welcoming marketplace for consumers.”

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