New Jersey governor wants to take another look at cannabis home grows, but not soon

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The governor might authorize home-grown cannabis, but not in the near future

New Jersey continues to criminalize the cultivation of marijuana at home for personal use, but according to the Governor, this law should be revised. The only condition he has put on the table is that first, the market must mature. Until then, conversations about the issue need not be as relevant.

While it is true that New Jersey is one of the newest markets in the cannabis industry, it has not yet grown enough to make certain modifications to its related laws. At least, that is how Governor Phil Murphy sees it. Over the past few weeks, many media outlets have constantly asked him about the lack of a home cultivation option in the cannabis program and that has led him to want to delve deeper into the issue.

During a question-and-answer session on WNYC radio, Murphy made it clear earlier this week that he doesn’t think the timing is ideal for that additional reform to be enacted. The question was asked pointedly by a caller to the radio station, wanting to understand at what point in the plant’s life cycle it actually becomes legal. The current policy, he said, “makes it appear, respectfully, that the plant itself is not really legal, but the ability to make money from the plant is legal.”

For Murphy, the question was extremely valid. However, he believes he will not be the right person to know when the plant becomes a reality.

His opinion was limited to stating that the question should be revisited at some point, but he is unclear when that point will be. He believes the Garden State needs the industry to pick up a little more or completely. “It’s going really well. The good news is it’s going really, really well. But we don’t have enough locations yet and I want to see a little bit more maturity in the market,” he added.

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