New Hampshire lawmaker changes marijuana legalization bill ahead of next week’s vote

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The state is on the verge of addressing an important cannabis bill and continues to tweak it

Leading Republican and Democratic lawmakers in New Hampshire are sponsoring a bill to legalize cannabis, which was recently discussed by the state House of Representatives. Now, the chairman of the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs subcommittee spoke about his proposal to significantly amend the legislation with just days to go before an important vote.

The discussion took place during a work session and it is possible that the legislation of Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R) and Minority Leader Matt Wilhelm (D) could undergo some reforms if all parties involved agree. The bipartisan leaders crafted their version in order to create a system of licensed and privately operated marijuana businesses.

However, the subcommittee could be considering a reform that blends its provisions with separate legislation that, in its current language, would put cannabis sales in the hands of state-run dispensaries. “I think this amendment will hopefully survive the test of time when it goes over to the other body and to the governor’s office because it is definitely a hybrid,” Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee Chairman John Hunt said yesterday.

The legislation is expected to serve as a committee amendment supported by all members. That remains to be seen in a formal panel vote scheduled to take place next week.

Many advocates hope Osborne’s legislation has the best chance of being the vehicle for legalization in the GOP-controlled legislature to continue on its path to success. The provisions ultimately create some uncertainty, though.