New grow methods help cannabis become more environmentally-friendly

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Science and innovation are leading to greener ways to cultivate cannabis

Cannabis has a reputation as green as its own color because it is a plant that does not cause much damage to the environmental movement. Still, water absorption remains an issue. Legalization at the state level creates a chain effect when it comes to the demand in different states. This leads to the cultivation of the plant continuing to grow more and more, which is why more innovative methods are being created to make cannabis even more environmentally friendly.

It has become clear that marijuana plants, while producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, consume about twice as much water as soybeans, corn, wheat, and even wine grapes. On the other hand, indoor growing requires precise climate control and a great deal of lighting, taking energy use to the skies.

This is a problem that the industry is still trying to address, but there is still a long way to go. It should be remembered that marijuana has not had much research done on its environmental footprint because it is still illegal by the federal government.

In the face of issues like these, Chris Hagedorn, executive VP of Scotts Miracle-Gro and division president of Hawthorne Gardening, has said the firm has begun offering more energy-efficient LED lights to customers in 2019. Hawthorne is a subsidiary that provides lighting, nutrients and other materials for indoor and hydroponic growing. This company caters to environmentally conscious growers by offering new growing media to replace items that can harm the environment.

Cannabis plants are very prone to mold and mildew, thus requiring energy-intensive dehumidification systems. However, opaque panels can be used to help stimulate flowering, while innovations such as semi-transparent solar panels are an ideal tool to provide some shade where needed.